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SAILING CAPTAIN JACK (VCJ) will be sailing in Greece in the fall of 2021. Last year the sailing was postponed due to COVID but the previous year, from September 26 to October 10, 2019, VCJ had organized a sailing on a Bavaria 51 in Corsica. This was the start of the EUROPA project! We are in year two of four of this project. This year we are going to Greece. In 2022 it will be Croatia and in 2023 Italy.



The sailing will take place between October 2 and 16, 2021. The first group will depart from October 2 to 9 and the second group from October 9 to 16, 2021. Group 1 will depart from a marina located near Athens and head towards the beautiful island of Mykonos as group 2 will depart from Mykonos to travel to Athens. Below is the proposed itinerary with links for each of the islands we will visit:

WP2 - Kea


WP3 - Kythnos


WP4 - Seritos


WP5 - Sifanos


WP6 - Paros


WP7 - Mykonos


WP8 - Tunisia


WP9 - Ermoupoli


WP11 - Kythnos (Loutra)

WP13 - Kea


WP16 - Athens



Greece is a country in southeastern Europe, made up of thousands of islands dotting the Aegean and Ionian seas. Influential during Antiquity, it is often called the cradle of Western civilization. Greece is one of the few places where the past remains very present in modern life. Cradle of science, arts and democracy, Greece fascinates with its villages of white and blue houses and its mythological legends. We discover it through its ancient culture and its archaeological sites, such as the Acropolis and Olympia. We immerse ourselves in the medieval world of the Greek islands, between Rhodes and the Cyclades. And of course, we fill up on vitamin D on the superb coastal beaches.

For the oldest, you will remember the extraordinary adventures of Ulysses. The Odyssey owes its name to the hero whose adventures it recounts, Ulysses, Odysseus in Greek. The ships of Odysseus and his companions, separated from the rest of the Greek fleet by a storm, arrived first in the city of the Cicones which they attacked for no reason. To punish them Poseidon made the boats drift towards a world populated by monsters and witches.

Ulysses arrived in the land of the Lotus-eaters who fed the men, sent as scouts, lotus flowers which have the property of erasing memory. They had to be transported by force on the boats. Their journey then took them to the island of the Cyclops, one-eyed monsters living in caves. His journey continued and the adventures followed one another for more than ten years...


Don't worry, our adventure, although exciting, will only last two weeks at most! And we won't have to fight the Cyclopes. Lol. It's just that all my childhood memories came back to me.



Like last year, you can choose a week of your choice depending on availability. Some will join us for the two weeks… and why not make the fun last! The dates are as follows:


  • Group 1: 2  to October 9, 2021 (7 days) 

  • Group 2: October 9 to 16, 2021 (7 days)  


Group 1 will depart from a marina near Athens to travel to the beautiful island of Mykonos and Group 2 will depart from Mykonos to travel to Athens. We will visit several islands including Kea Seritos, Kythnos, etc. Once formed, the group will meet to get to know each other and discuss the itinerary. The itinerary may change slightly.



As there are only 6 places on the sailboat per week, I recommend that you hurry. I have set up a discussion group: VCJ – Greece 2021. Contact me so that I can add you to the group. It's free and you can opt out at any time.  



The cost is $1500 per person.

- The cost includes the first night on board, the costs for the sailboat, the food and the Skipper.

- This cost does not include port costs, diesel costs, restaurant costs, bedding, transport costs to get to the starting point or to return, taxi costs and insurance personal costs as well as transport costs for the Skipper. You can approximately count an additional fee of about $200.



The sailboat is a Bavaria 44 feet. It is a very good sailboat. Capacity of 8 people.

This sailboat has 3 bedrooms with double bed and a bedroom with two bunk beds, two toilets with shower. Here is a video of a Bavaria  for those who are curious:


Crew members can participate in maneuvers if they wish and will be able to sail from one island to another under the supervision of Captain Jack. We will see enchanting sites, sandy beaches, swim in turquoise waters, go on beautiful hikes, visit some enchanting sites, discover historical places, go snorkeling, and more! A preparatory meeting will take place for those who have reserved their place in order to get to know each other and plan the trip well.


Talk to your friends and invite them to join you. People do not need their title of Captain or to have experience in navigation. Many team members simply want to enjoy the sun while others want to take part in manoeuvres, learn to tie knots, understand how to read nautical charts, etc.


It is also possible to follow a Skipper training or obtain its intermediate level training for those who wish for an additional cost (50% discount on the regular cost of training). For more details on training, please consult the training section on the WEB site.


Robert Corbeil alias “Capitaine Jack” is an elementary and intermediate sailing instructor certified by the Fédération Voile Québec and Sail Canada. He also holds the prestigious title of YachtMaster Offshore (RYA). He organized several trips to the West Indies and took part in numerous convoys. For more information, consult the "Captain Jack" Blog on the WEB site.



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Tel: 819-743-7197


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