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From November to March, VCJ deploys the Elementary Cruising Sail training (skipper or competent crew member) in the Caribbean :  Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint-Lucia.

The objective of this course is to be able to navigate safely, as a captain or competent crew, on a 6 to 10 meter sailboat, equipped with an inboard or outboard engine, in familiar waters, by day, in moderate winds and seas.


It consists of both a practical training and theoretical training.​ We invite you to read the exhaustive description of Sail Canada.

Crédit : Pat Nault Villeneuve

Practical training includes:

  • seamanship  (nautical knots);

  • departure from the quay and docking;

  • sea gaits (close, cross, reach, etc.);

  • maneuvers: tacks, gybes, man overboard, etc.

  • safety equipment required;

  • emergencies;

  • weather impact;

  • appropriate crew behaviour;

  • basic introduction to the Canadian navigation system;

  • Etc. 

2-step assessment:

  • practical exam, during the 4th day of training;

  • theoretical exam, written test of 2 hours based on the book Introduction to cruising sailing, published by Sail Canada in 2021, given after the practical exam.​

CALENDRIER 2023-2024

Martinique and Saint-Lucia

Crédit photo : Pat Nault Villeneuve

November and December 2023

  • From November 25 to December 2 : aboard a Sun Odyssey 42i - FULL, aboard another boat to be determined : 6 PLACES;

  • From December 2 to 9 : aboard a Sun Odyssey 42i 6 PLACES;

Prices :

  • $1,890 per week of navigation per person, double occupancy ;

  • $2,990per week of navigation per person, single occupancy in a double cabin.

Crédit photo : Pat Nault Villeneuve

January and February 2024

  • From January 20 to 27 : aboard a Dufour 405 - 6 PLACES;

  • From January 27 to February 3:  on board a Dufour 405- 6 PLACES.

Prices :

  • $1,890 per week of navigation per person in double occupation ;

  • $2,990per week of navigation per person in single occupancy in a double cabin.

During the Christmas Time :

  • From 23 tou December 30:aboard a Sun Odyssey 42i-6 PLACES;

  • From December 30 to January 6:aboard a Sun Odyssey 42i-6 PLACES.

Prices :

  • $2,590 per week of navigation per person, double occupation;

  • $3,890per week of navigation per person, single occupancy in a double cabin.

Crédit photo : Pat Nault Villeneuve

Guadeloupe: Marie-Galante and Les Saintes

March and April 2024

  • From March 2 to 9 : aboard a Dufour 405 GL - 6 PLACES;

  • From March 9 to 16 : aboard a Dufour 405 GL - 4 PLACES.

Prices :

  • $1,890 per week of navigation per person, double occupation ;

  • $2,990per week of navigation per person, single occupancy in a double cabin.


Crédit photo : Pat Nault Villeneuve


  • Access to the sailboat and navigation from one island to another according to the navigation plan, with Captain;

  • Training ;

  • examination fees;

  • Mandatory contribution to the FICAV (0.35%).

Does not include:

  • The plane ticket and the transfer to the airport;

  • On-board cash register costs: food, diesel, port and mooring costs: around 200 euros.

Booking terms:​

  • 20% deposit upon booking, 30% 3 months before departure and 50% remaining to be paid 1 month before departure.

Each week will accommodate a maximum of 6 team members.


We invite you to complete this intent form. The Captain will contact you to get to know you and answer your questions.

Afterwards ?

You will then receive an email containing a second form to complete so that the travel agency can contact you to offer you the best offers according to your needs and collect your deposit, thus finalizing your registration and guaranteeing you a place on board.


Let the adventure begin!

Affiliation to the Corpodia travel agency

In order to offer a complete travel service, Voile Capitaine Jack Inc. is affiliated with the Corpodia Travel Agency. We are happy that this partnership can allow you to book flights, hotels, transfers and cancellation insurance, including for your sailing cruise if you wish. Booking your services through the agency means you are guaranteed unparalleled customer service, from your booking to your return. ​


  • If you cancel more than 60 days before your departure and you have already paid the total amount due, we will refund 50% of this amount.

  • If you cancel less than 60 days before departure, we will not issue a refund.

  • Of course, you can take out cancellation insurance in the event of force majeure with the travel agency.

The prices advertised on our site are valid if you purchase services during the same session. If you disconnect from our site, the prices may be different on your next session.

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