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Thanks to the professionalism of the experienced Captain Jack Sailing instructors, in addition to acquiring the terminology related to cruising sailing, you will acquire the best navigation techniques, allowing you to make informed decisions. You will also discover how to work as a team optimally on a sailboat, in joy and good humour! The Captain Jack Sailing School is certified by "Fédération Voile Québec" and by Sail Canada.



VCJ offers you 2 cruising sailing discovery experiences on Lake Saint-Louis, in Montreal: the Discovery Outing as well as the sailing days.

Discovery outings

This afternoon session - from 5 to 7 p.m. - is recommended for participants with very little practical cruising experience who wish to discover the pleasure of sailing on Lac Saint-Louis.

Personne à l'avant du voilier regardant le coucher de soleil

Introduction to navigation

The objective of this session is to introduce navigation practices to inexperienced boaters, by preparing to leave the dock (departure), hoisting the sails en route, and returning to the dock (docking).

Sailing day

This sailing session is recommended for participants with very little practical cruising experience who wish to discover the pleasure of sailing. 



We offer 4 types of cruising training sessions on Lake Saint-Louis, aboard our 2 sailboats: our 2 practical 3-hour sessions, as well as our Initiation to Cruising and Basic Cruising courses.

Tacking and gybing

This 3-hour outing offers everyone the chance to practice the main maneuvers practiced aboard a cruising sailboat. You can choose to focus on one maneuver rather than another.

Advanced Wednesdays

This 3-hour outing enables crew members who have already qualified as skippers to perfect the main maneuvers practiced on board a cruising yacht. It is also intended for captains wishing to obtain their intermediate level.

Introduction to navigation

This 2 day outing  allows crew members with little keelboat sailing experience to acquire basic skills as a crew member. Participants will develop their skills in a relaxed environment, all at their own pace.

Elementary cruising sailing certificate: on-board chef or competent team member.e 

This 4 day 25 hour course  aims to navigate safely, and obtain the title of competent captain or crew member, allowing you to navigate a sailboat from 6 to 10 meters, in waters familiar, by day, in moderate winds and seas.

These courses are all certified by the Quebec Sailing Federation and by Sail Canada, just like our instructors.

Our partner Milo

We are very happy to be a partner of the Milo Guide, which gathers all the good addresses in Quebec to discover while saving money. By subscribing to Milo, you will receive a 20% discount on some of our experiences.

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