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These navigation courses enable you to practice all the maneuvers
required for the Basic Sailing Cruising Standards Exam.

Would you like to practice your maneuvers under the watchful eye of an instructor to improve your skills?
The aim of these sessions is to let you choose to work on tacking, gybing or man-overboard recovery maneuvers, so that you gain confidence in their execution.

You can also call us at 438 928-3520 or write to us to let us know the dates that interest you, we will be happy to reserve them for you!

Gift card

You can offer a sailing cruising training session "Tacking and gybing" thanks to  our gift cards.

Meet on Mondays from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Pointe-Claire public wharf.

These sessions are open to all and require no prerequisites

Price :
89 + taxes.

Book 5 sessions over the summer and we'll give you the 6th for free!

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