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The EUROPA project began in 2019 with two weeks of sailing in Corsica. The trip to Greece, scheduled for 2020, has been postponed to October 2021. We continue the adventure, and in 2022 we will sail around the coasts of Croatia! In 2023 it will be Italy's turn: the Amalfi Coast, Sicily and its volcanoes and the Aeolian Islands: quite a program!


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In October 2021, we took a cruise in the Mediterranean in the waters surrounding the Greek Islands, these Cyclades bathed in a blue sea in which the white of the villages are reflected.

The route
The group left from a marina near Athens to head to the beautiful island of Mykonos:

  • Athens;

  • Sunio

  • Kythnos

  • Serifos;

  • Milos;

  • Athens


The boat
In total, we will navigate nearly 200Mn and there will be night navigation. The sailboat, a Bavaria 51. This sailboat is very seaworthy and comfortable. You will like the interior space. It accommodates up to 10 people thanks to its 4 cabins and has several toilets with showers.

The cruise
Crew members can, if they wish, participate in maneuvers and navigate from one island to another under the supervision of Captain Jack. We will discover enchanting sites, fine sandy beaches, we will swim in turquoise waters, take beautiful hikes, discover historical places, snorkel, and more! A preparatory meeting will take place for those who have reserved their place in order to get to know each other and plan the trip as well as possible.



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