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Convoyages: a history of trust and know-how


A story of trust and know-how

Voile Capitaine Jack (VCJ) is committed to ferrying your sailboat (monohull or catamaran) to port in the best conditions and on time, ensuring the safety of the crew as well as the integrity of the boat, all at a price competitive. To respect this commitment, VCJ makes sure to provide you with an experienced and reliable Skipper and crew for your delivery.

Our most recent delivery:

  • Transatlantic - Catamaran Bali 4.6 - La Rochelle/Nassau - Summer 2023.

Some of our Convey:

  • Lac Champlain/Bahamas (24 days) ;

  • Montréal/Québec (3 days) ;

  • Québec/Sorel (3 days) ;

  • Toronto/Cornwall (4 days) ;

  • Puerto Vallarta/Vancouver (28 days) ;

  • Catamaran Bali Catspace : Rhodes Island/Bahamas ;

  • Catamaran Bali 4.2, Dufour 412 GL and Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 : Annapolis/Nassau ;

  • Sun Odyssey 411 : Fort Lauderdale/Annapolis ;

  • Catamaran Ipanema 58 - Nassau/La Martinique. 


We have a list of Captains, Seconds and Crewmates ready to go.

A quote for greater clarity

A quote for greater clarity

VCJ responds to requests for conveyances by sending you an estimate. The latter includes details of travel costs as well as additional costs (fuel, ports, administrative costs, etc.).


For any quote request, please contact Alex Dubord, Director - Convey

Steps taken by the Captain before, during and after the delivery trip

Steps taken by the Captain before, during and after the delivery
Before conveying:

  • Sailboat inspection: running and standing rigging, engine, safety equipment, structure (hull, deck, bow, keel, rudder), electrical system, freshwater and seawater circuit and moorings. Sailing and motor sea test;

  • Complete inventory sent to the customer accompanied by a technical report (with photos and any recommendations) if necessary;

  • Refueling and on-board crate;

  • Administrative procedures depending on the country of departure of the convoy.

During convey:
  • Care and maintenance: frequent sailboat inspection and maintenance;

  • At each stopover: technical report on the condition of the boat, invoices sent to the customer if necessary.

Upon delivery of your sailboat:
  • After inspection of the sailboat, you will receive: the maintenance book with all the interventions made on board, a copy of the logbook and the complete inventory;

  • Sailboat cleaning;

  • Paperwork.

The rate usually varies between $1.50 and $4.00 CAD per Nautical Mile (1 to 3.5 Euro/Mn) depending on:

  • the nature of the conveyance: offshore or coastal;

  • the period and duration of the conveyance;

  • the navigation area (travel expenses);

  • whether an autopilot is available or not;

  • the type of sailboat (monohull or catamaran).

Are not included in the base price:

Cash on board, fuel, port charges, administrative charges (clearance, cruising permits, transit, canal, etc.), miscellaneous charges (purchase of small equipment and repairs); transportation costs for Captain and Mate.


Rates usually vary between $1.50 and $4.00 CAD per Nautical Mile (1 to 3.5 Euro/Mn) depending on :

the nature of the trip: offshore or inshore

the period and duration of the delivery

sailing area (travel expenses)

whether or not an autopilot is available

type of yacht (monohull or catamaran)


Not included in the basic rate:

Ship's stores, fuel, port charges, administrative costs (clearance, cruising permits, transit, canal, etc.), miscellaneous costs (purchase of small equipment and repairs), transport costs for Captain and Chief Officer.

Alex, Transport Manager


Alex, director - Conveys

We are privileged to count on Alex's efficiency in planning deliveries, all in a good mood!

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