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Agreement - Cruises

Before signing up for a cruise, we invite you to carefully read the various points of this agreement:

During a cruise with Voile Capitaine Jack (VCJ), the team member agrees to and certifies:

  1. Boat card (

  2. Medical conditions:​

  • Have adequate health to participate in maneuvers;

  • Take all measures to maintain an adequate state of health in the event that it requires special care or medication. Where applicable, the team member must:

  • provide an inventory of medication for a minimum period corresponding to the duration of the cruise;

  • Indicate to the CAPTAIN at registration the full details of any physical or psychological condition that may affect his safety or that of the crew members during the trip (eg: problem of deafness, vision, allergies, medical treatment in progress, mental health treatment In addition, this detail must include the list of any medication taken (Ex.: Medication for the heart, pressure, sleeping pill, antidepressant, antipsychotic, anticonvulsant, etc.);

3- Travel insurance and passport

  • Possess travel insurance;

  • Have a valid passport for a period of at least 6 months from the scheduled end date of the cruise.

4 - Sailboat:

  • Understand that the choice of sailboat may, for various reasons (breakage, availability, etc.) change without notice;

  • Understand that the cost for a person desiring a double cabin is likely to incur additional costs;

5 - Life on board:

  • Be aware that the proposed navigation plan may change along the way or that the navigation may be shortened or canceled depending on weather conditions;

  • Undertake to respect at all times the fact that the captain is the only master on board and undertake to obey him;

  • Be fully aware that the trip may involve certain health risks, including serious or fatal injuries;

  • Understand that VCJ is not responsible for the political or social situation and that it disclaims all responsibility if the cruise is modified, shortened or canceled;

  • Understand that he will have to assume all the costs related to his repatriation due to the interruption of the cruise by order of the CAPTAIN, due to weather conditions or in connection with a mechanical breakdown of the Boat or for any other reason deemed reasonable by the CAPTAIN;

  • Understand that he will have to assume all the costs related to his repatriation if he is forced to leave the Boat by order of the CAPTAIN, without however the cruise itself being interrupted, in particular for reasons of health, incompetence or of incompatibility, subject to him being disembarked in an accessible port, along the planned route and from which he can organize his return.


For its part, VCJ undertakes to:

  • Undertake a navigation supported by a CAPTAIN duly qualified and certified by the FVQ / Sail Canada

  • Keep confidential any information on the state of health communicated by the crew member to the CAPTAIN;

  • Sailing on a Boat properly equipped for the purposes of the Cruise (electronic/paper charts, security and communication equipment, etc.);

  • See to the safety of his crew and the sailboat.

The crew member accepts this agreement and the conditions when registering for the cruise.

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