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From May to October, VCJ deploys Basic Sailing Cruise training (on-board captain or competent crew member) on Lake St-Louis, an exceptional lake for learning to sail!

Lac St-Louis is an exceptional lake for learning to sail. Vast sailing areas, shallow waters and narrow passages between islands are all features that make for optimal learning!

The course departs from the Pointe-Claire public wharf.

Note that it is also possible to take this course in winter, in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

The objective of this course is to navigate safely, as a competent captain or crew member, on a 6 to 10 meter sailboat, fitted with an inboard or outboard engine, in familiar waters, by day, in moderate winds and seas. It consists of practical training and theoretical training.

Participants - a maximum of 4 to optimize time at the helm - will develop their skills in performing basic maneuvers such as tacking, gybing, docking, etc. at their own pace: a wealth of learning and safe navigation!

The training course lasts 4 days, consecutive or not, and you can sign up for it at your convenience, from Monday to Sunday.

During the practical training, aboard one of our sailboats - Ressac, a GibSea 28 and Gens de mer, a First 29 - you'll cover the following elements:

  • seamanship (nautical knots) ;

  • departure from dock and berthing;

  • sea gears (upwind, beam, broad reach, etc.);

  • maneuvers: tacking, gybing, man overboard, etc.

  • safety equipment ;

  • weather impact;

  • basic introduction to the Canadian navigation system, etc.

We invite you to consult Voile Canada's complete description.

During the training days, we pay particular attention to practical aspects. Your captain will evaluate your seafaring behavior throughout, and a formal practical exam - maneuvers and seamanship - will take place on the afternoon of the last day. 


If you pass the theoretical part, and depending on your performance in the practical part, you will be awarded the title of Competent or Captain. In case you have never sailed before, you will maybe need an additional day to obtain your Skipper Title.


These certifications are recognized by the Fédération Voile Québec and Voile Canada.

Il s'agit de certifications reconnues par la Fédération Voile Québec et Voile Canada

Assessment in 2 stages :

  • practical exam ;

  • the theoretical exam, a 2-hour written test based on the book "Basic Cruising Standards", published by Voile Canada in 2021.

Theoretical exams are held on the last Tuesdays of the month, May 30, June 29, July 25, August 29 and September 26, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Grande Bibliothèque.


You can confirm your attendance by registering here.

Rates :

4-day course: from $776 + tax :

  • 776 + taxes when you book 4 days Monday to Friday ;

  • 816 + tax when you book 4 days on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Theoretical exam: $60 + tax.


You can offer the pleasure of a sailing cruise improvement session thanks to our gift cards.


Book now your 4 days via our online calendar : select "Elementary Cruising Sailing - Day 1/4", and choose the date that suits you best. Finally, select a time: between 9:15 and 9:30. Each period of 5 minutes corresponds to a day of navigation (9:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.). Book days 2, 3 and 4, if necessary, in the same way.

The departure of these days of navigation is from Pointe-Claire public wharf.


Vous pouvez offrir le plaisir d'obtenir le titre de chef.fe de bord grâce à nos cartes cadeaux.

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