From May to October, VCJ deploys Elementary Sailing Cruise training (on-board captain or competent crew member) on Lake St-Louis , an exceptional lake for learning to sail: navigation aids, shoals , narrow passages between the islands!Departure is from the Pointe-Claire public wharf. It is also possible to follow this training in winter, in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint-Vincent-Les Grenadines.


The departure is from the public dock in Pointe-ClaireIt is also possible to follow this training in Guadeloupe, in the South (November, December, March and April).

You can join a group or come with friends!

 The objective of this training is to be able to navigate in complete safety, as a skipper or competent crew, on a 6 to 10 meter sailboat, equipped with an internal engine or outboard, in familiar waters, by day, in moderate winds and seas. It consists of practical training and theoretical training.


The practical training includes:

  • departure from the quay and docking;

  • selection of sails according to weather conditions;

  • sea ​​paces (near, across, reach, etc.);

  • maneuvers: tacking, gybing, man overboard, etc.;

  • required safety equipment;

  • emergency situations;

  • rules to avoid collisions with other ships;

  • impact of weather;

  • adequate behaviour of the crew;

  • use of navigation instruments.

The program also includes a basic introduction to the Canadian navigation system.


The assessment takes place in two stages:

  1. the practical exam, during the 4th day of training;

  2. the theoretical exam, a 2-hour written test based on the book “Basic cruising skills”, published by Voile-Canada in 2019, dispensed after the practical exam (price: $ 50).

The training takes place over a period of 4 days of 6 hours, consecutive or not, and its cost is $ 686 + taxes.



Onboard training is conducted over a period of 4 days of 6.15 hours, consecutive or not, and the cost is $686 + tax.


Book your 4 days now via our online calendar. To do so, select "Basic Cruising Standard - Day 1/4", and choose the date that suits you best. Finally, select a time between 9:15 am and 9:30 am. Reserve Day 2/4, Day 3/4 and Day 4/4 in the same way.

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