We organize this training in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint-Vincent-Les Grenadines . It aims to reinforce the skills developed during the "Elementary Cruising Sailing" certificate and the "Elementary Coastal Navigation" course. Students will have to acquire the skills and experience necessary to carry out “life on board” cruises. You can participate in this training by joining a group or with friends !

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During the week, as a skipper, you will have to prepare alternative routes, analyze the weather, open a route plan with the Coast Guard and lead the crew. 


The crew members will also have to prepare one or two topos:

  • Managing life on board;

  • Seamanship;

  • Electrical system, batteries, etc;

  • Safety equipment;

  • Dead reckoning, taking stock;

  • How to react in an emergency situation (grounding, water ingress, fire, etc.);

  • Interpreting a weather report and planning a cruise based on that weather.


Evaluation in 2 steps :



  • Basic Cruising Sailing Certificate or Basic Cruising Competent Crewman Certificate;

  • Basic Coastal Sailing Certificate training started;

  • Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC);

  • Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) with DSC endorsement (VHF);

  • Ten days of experience as a crew member or skipper.


Since this is an onboard training, we will sail between 4 and 6 hours per day over a distance that varies between 100 and 150Mn. We will perform many maneuvers (tacking, gybing, capeing, man overboard recovery). We will also take time to visit some sites, enjoy the beaches and taste the local gastronomy. 


Guadeloupe - November and December 2022

From Nov. 26 to Dec. 3: on board a Dufour 390 GL - 3 places available ;

From December 3 to 10: on board a Dufour 390 GL - 3 places available ;

If you prefer to relax, it is also possible to join our Guadeloupe Cruise from December 10 to 17. 

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Guadeloupe - January and February 2023

January 21 to 28: on board a Dufour 412 GL - 2 places available ;

February 4 to 11: on board a Dufour 412 GL - 3 places available ;

If you prefer to relax, it is also possible to join our Guadeloupe Cruise from January 28th to February 4th 2011. 


Martinique - March and April 2023

March 4 to 11: Basic and intermediate keelboat training;

March 11 to 18: If you prefer to relax, it is also possible to join our Martinique Cruise.

March 18 to 25: Basic and intermediate keelboat training;

From March 25 to April 2: If you prefer, it is also possible to join our Martinique Extrement sport Cruise.



  • 1 590 $ per week of sailing per person in double occupancy;

  • 2,390 $ per week of sailing per person in single occupancy in a double cabin; 

  • Get a 10% discount on the second week for a 2 week cruise.

  • Each week will accommodate 6 crew members.



  • Access to the sailboat and navigation from one island to another according to the navigation plan, with Captain ;

  • Basic or intermediate cruising training;

  • Examination fees;

  • The mandatory contribution to the FICAV (0,35%).


Not included:

  • The costs of the ship's till: provisioning, diesel, port and anchorage fees: about 200 euros.

Affiliation to the Corpodia travel agency

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If you cancel less than 60 days before departure, we will not issue a refund.

Of course, you can take out cancellation insurance in case of force majeure with the travel agency.


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