We organize this training in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint-Vincent-Les Grenadines . It aims to reinforce the skills developed during the "Elementary Cruising Sailing" certificate and the "Elementary Coastal Navigation" course. Students will have to acquire the skills and experience necessary to carry out “life on board” cruises. You can participate in this training by joining a group or with friends !


During the week, as Captain, you will have to prepare fallback routes, analyze the weather, open a route plan with the Coast Guard and lead the crew. Team members will also need to prepare one or two topos:


- Management of life on board;

- Seamanship;

- Electrical system, batteries, etc.;

- How to react in an emergency situation (grounding, waterway, fire, etc.);
- Interpret a weather report and plan a cruise based on that weather.


2-step assessment:
- the practical exam, on the last day of training;

- the theoretical exam: written test of 2 hours based on the Intermediate Sailing Cruise book.



- Elementary Cruising Sailing or Competent Elementary Cruising Crewman Certificate;

- Training for the Elementary Coastal Navigation Certificate started;

- Pleasure Craft Operator Card (CCEP);

- Restricted Operator's Certificate (Maritime) with DSC endorsement (VHF);

- About ten days of experience as a crew member or captain.



The cost of the training can vary between $949 and $1699 + taxes depending on the location where it takes place, and the number of days it includes.